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Comprehensive Real Estate Tax Reduction 
Are You Overpaying Your Property Taxes? A fact is, as a result of declining real estate property values, many companies are! 

With our critical market review and analysis, we can uncover the true property tax assessment you are subject to. 

Current market conditions may entitle you to a significant property tax reduction, and we can find out and supply you with the documentation to prove it! Allow us to take on the Appeals Board for you! While such a task can be a complicated undertaking, our consultants have the experience and know-how to ensure success! As your authorized agent, we can file an "Application for Reduction of Assessment," requesting an appeal hearing before the Assessment Appeals Board. 

We will aggressively research and analyze the market value of your property, and represent you at the hearing to prove a decline in value. 

The rules for what is taxable and how to value the assets vary widely from state to state and sometimes vary within a state. There are hundreds and sometimes thousands of forms, depreciation tables, local deadlines, rules and regulations to follow. And, we can navigate every turn and roadblock! Our personal property tax services include:

  • Classifying assets to maximize PP depreciation
  • Scrubbing assets & identifying phantom assets
  • Preparing & filing PP returns to jurisdictions
  • Negotiating values with assessors
  • Presenting formal appeals of excessive assessments
  • Representing you in audit proceedings
  • Securing, auditing, and paying your tax bills

The Process

We execute a comprehensive, in depth review applying a wide range of analytical and research strategies to statistical data then we apply a unique assessment and appeal tactic which includes:  

  • Property Investigation, Review, and Analysis
  • Analyze and evaluate financial data related to properties
  • Analyze and review prior year assessments
  • Determine the local assessment procedures used
  • Develop an independent opinion of value
  • Review assessed value and estimate of value with client
  • If assessment is satisfactory, no further action
  • If assessment is excessive, proceed with the appeal

Our prepartion for the appeal process includes:

  • The preliminary review is enhanced with an in-depth study and property tax valuation
  • Establish negotiations with local assessing officials
  • Prepare, file, and present appeals to the various boards and officials
  • Recommend to client legal counsel to further appeal if warranted
  • Manage the process, provide expert witness testimony and documentation

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